Day 4 – “Take A Step Back In Time”

Day 4 Tuesday, September 22nd

Little Molas Lake Campground to Silverton, CO – “Take A Step Back In Time”


Dedicated To:

Jake Pitts, Cumbria, England

Sean Coonce, Vancouver, BC

Emily McMurrian, Wiggins, MO


I woke up to find Matt had taken off early in the morning and left me the most touching note on the camp chair along with a set of headphones saying “music is a must”. If only my phone hadn’t crashed the day before leaving Chico, meaning all my music is on “the cloud” and only accessible with service, which was slim pickin’s at this point. Fixing that is a definite priority!

However, this run required no distraction with music. Running down Molas Pass into Silverton, CO was the start of “god’s country” in my mind. With the crisp morning air brushing against my cheeks, the vibrant yellow, orange and red aspens filling my eyes, and the sound of the awakening wildlife… my heart was full. I was home in the mountains! We winded down Molas Pass and suddenly around one curve the sleepy little town of Silverton came into view. Each step brought me closer to this historic mining town nestled in the San Juan mountains. When we hit town, I felt good and decided to keep running through town and up Country Road 2… making gains on the next days mileage. The Animas River rushed past me on the right and large mountains on either side made me realize how small we really are in this world. I am one person, just a small being, but with the team I have by my side, the support I have from all over the world and a common goal in sight… we truly can and are moving mountains.


At the 8.75 mile marker that day, my legs and body were ready for a break after the jarring downhill grade. We headed into town, grabbed lunch at Hungry Moose with the ever-generous Victor serving up some world famous green chili. The fatigue was apparent in all four of our faces… it’d been a long 4 days. Time for a shower and a nap. We climbed the red carpet staircase up to the Teller House Hotel where we would call home for the night. In a town of 629 people the amount of trust is commendable. Instead of checking into the hotel, there was a note that said something to the effect of “Please find the door with your name on it and make yourself at home. The key to your door will be on the table. Thank you, Mike”.  The sign you see when you first drive into town is so fitting… “Take A Step Back In Time”.  I could totally live here!

Tory crashed, Vaughn took a 45minute shower, and Marcus and I headed to the local baseball field to let the pups play ball (they have been so patient with endless hours in the car). I sat there hand in hand with Marcus, looking over the San Juans as rain started to fall out of the sky and had a moment of peacefulness. I realized that I had run around 80 miles in 4 days and no sign or symptom of seizure activity. Increased stress and lack of sleep are big triggers for epilepsy and with those two factors in high effect, I still was remaining stable. I owe it 100% to my supporters… I will say it again and again… I could not do this without you!

After Ziggy and Pogo seemed fulfilled with their activity for the day, Marcus and I went to Mineral Creek to soak my aching toe and swollen feet in the freezing water before heading back to the hotel for some rest. The goal of taking a nap was quickly put to a halt as my energy levels rose when my mom returned to the mission with Pam Davis (chef extraordinaire for True Nature Kitchen) as well as Samantha Guterres (a client and friend of mine from the bay area who came to run a few miles with me for epilepsy). The team for the next 2 days was together! Instead of a nap we hit up the Montanya Distillery. Well they hit it up, I just pounded water and enjoyed their company while we watched a torrential downpour outside.


Out stomachs started to rumble while we waited for a break in the rain, but to no avail we darted across puddles of main street to the RV where Pam and mom had heated up some grub for the night. Packed like sardines in the RV, we were continuing to bond as a family and make memories.

Following dinner was Epsom salt bath for the feetsies and reading from a gifted book… basically the foot care bible! Thank you to the Carey’s! I know have at least legit literature to try and take care of my trick toe.

IMG_3195      IMG_3197




Lessons Learned:

  • Smart to keep going and get extra miles if you feel good.
  • Having my mom with me makes everything better…always has and always will.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – “Take A Step Back In Time”

  1. My Mom has and still is helping me so much, even though she no longer is with me in person. Even though she and Dad are in heaven, I always feel that they are helping me stay healthy. Anytime that I forget the medicine for my epilepsy, It seems like Mom is telling me: “Bill, you forgot your medicine. You better take it now, otherwise I’ll get after you.” I’m so happy for you that you and your Mom are so close.


  2. You are inspiring! and I found your page just on time for my event too! I’m fundraising money for alzheimer’s society in the UK, and I understand the struggle and the passion about the subject.
    Best wishes on this journey! Huge cheers, support and love from Wales, UK.


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