2 thoughts on “Fitness

  1. I live in Steamboat Springs. I have epilepsy. Many years ago, I never worried about spending my time with doing much fitness. During those years, I was having several epileptic seizures. Starting about 10 years ago, I joined a fitness gym. I’m so happy that I did, and still am! I’m always feeling so healthy! I exercise almost every morning. That always makes me feel so good. I not only do that, but I have a job. The way I get to and from work, is I always ride my bike. I love to do other physical activities. That always makes me feel so healthy; as long as I also take my medicines.


    • Thank you Bill for sharing your story! I’m a huge believer in leading an active lifestyle helping with epilepsy and just lifestyle in general. Keep doing what you’re doing. Looking forward to meeting you in Steamboat!!


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