Silver Sponsors


Puori’s mission is to provide the purest products from natural sources that are scientifically proven and designed to improve health and athletic performance.  I think that pretty much sums up why I am excited and honored to have Puori as a sponsor of the event as well as be a part of the Puori team.

Without the support of Puori and their products, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do athletically.  I know that their products are keeping my body healthy and aiding in recovery.  Also, their protein is an easy way for me to get good quality protein in that is easy on the stomach while running long distances.


The Resiliency Project is a group of people set out to make a difference in the life of our country’s armed service men and women.  They are teaming with CrossFit gyms and health practitioners to empower and enable armed service community members on a daily basis.  Their mission is to create the future from today to ultimately stop the number of veterans who take their own lives.

I am beyond honored to be associated with this company.  They are providing a better life for so many that give to make our lives better.  They are giving them hope, courage and strength to continue to do and be the best versions of themselves despite what obstacles they may be facing or have faced.  Although a different cause, we share the same mission, to give people hope, courage and strength to Move Mountains.



Brian Mackenzie is a world renown endurance coach.  He created CrossFit Endurance . He’s the author of Power, Speed, Endurance and NYT Best Seller Unbreakable Runner. Brian is helping to shift the paradigm in the endurance world of more is better.  Train smarter, not harder.

500 miles across high mountain terrain and elevation is no small feat and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Brian Mackenzie.  He has been programming for me since I decided to take on this endeavor in late June.  His programming, his encouragement, and his belief in me is helping to make my dream a reality.

UG Logo 2015

I am so honored to have UG Series as a sponsor of Move Mountains.  Jennifer, Scott and Paul are three of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  They are generous, goal-oriented people with great perspectives on life.  Their goal with UG Series is to bring the fun back to competition.  Athletes of all ability levels are encouraged to participate in their events, not just the top 1% of elite level CrossFit-ers.

With spectacular locations in Ontario, all of their events are held outside.  From beaches to mountains, they try to utilize the natural terrain to make all of the event workouts unique and challenging.  They are growing the fitness community one workout at a time, by providing the best experience for both athletes and spectators alike.