Move Mountains Totals

Much of my life revolves around measurability.  I’m a strength and conditioning coach, so I am constantly measuring improvements in my clients fitness and body composition.  I myself am an athlete, so again I am constantly measuring my progress.  I am a goal oriented person, so a lot of my life is based upon “measuring” if the things I am doing to reach my goals are actually working.


Move Mountains was a different approach to success.  There was no exact way to measure how many people we were influencing, motivating and helping find strength within themselves.  There was no way to measure how much awareness we were raising.  It was a great change for me and a lesson on how we actually do measure success.  It’s not about the numbers, it’s not about the results…it’s about the journey and the lives you touch.  It’s about helping others.  It’s about discovering things out about yourself you may not have ever found otherwise.  It’s about making a difference.  I saw/felt this difference with each message I received from someone that was willing to share their story about epilepsy or someone that was facing their fears or someone that was motivated to become more active.  There’s no way to measure that impact, and there is no reason to.  It worked!  Move Mountains had a ripple effect greater than I ever could have imagined and it was by far the most impact I have made in my life.  All the other “successes” in my life that were measurable hold no less significance than they did before, however my definition of success is broadened and I am forever grateful to each person that helped me with that.


On that note… there were some things that were definitely measurable about Move Mountains… you can call them successes, I am going to call them stats.  Below are statistical totals from Move Mountains that made it measurably what it was.  Thank you to each and every person that made it possible.


Total Miles:  489 miles

Total Steps:  880,200 steps

Total Calories Burned (approx):  62,100 calories

Total Elevation Gain:  35,000 ft

Total Elevation Drop:  34,000ft

Highest Elevation Point:  12,670 ft (Top of Cinnamon Pass)

Lowest Elevation Point: 5,348 ft (Rifle, CO)

Total Amount of Mountain Passes:  8 passes

Total Weight Lost:  13 lbs

Total Toe Nails Lost:  3.5

Total Inches Lost in Thighs:  4.5 inches in each thigh

Total Amount Donated/Raised for The Epilepsy Foundation:  $50,000!!!

Total Amount of Love, Honor, Pride, Support:  ALL OF IT!!!